Lupine blooming

Wild strawberries, raspberries, blackberries

Picnics and barbecues- recipes

Mackerel recipes

Chowder Fest- chowder and summer soup recipes

Fresh island produce 

Pie and Cake Auction- pie and Cake recipes

Flowers and herbs- edible, medicinal, teas, colors just to revel in

Sunflowers for the bees and birds

Pickles, tomatoes, jams, jellies recipes



Apples- Cider and other recipes

Trap Day- lobster and crab recipes

Birders back/ winter migration of birds and guests


Water off, first real frost

Thanksgiving Recipes


Maple Syrup Flows

Easter Breakfast- community breakfast and brunch recipes

First Flowers

First Fruit - Favorite rhubarb recipes

First Veggies- Spring salads, asparagus 

Spring lobster

Birders and birding

Church bell rings for first service


Black Duck Party- egg nog and appetizer recipes

Cookie Swap- cookie recipes

Christmas dinner traditions/ baked presents/ recipes

New Years- drink recipes

Bread baking weather

Valentine’s Day- sweets and candy recipes

Hearty stews and soups made with summer’s bounty saved for winter eating

MISCA is making a cookbook!

Our cookbook will be formatted to follow the seasons and the food filled gatherings that happen throughout. Do you have a favorite recipe you always make for trap day? Have you been perfecting your rhubarb recipes? We’re looking for recipes of all kinds and the stories they might bring with them. Not much of a baker but good with a paint brush? We’d love to see your food or seasonal related art!

Below are a few suggestions to get the ideas flowing:

Please send your recipes, stories, and artwork by email to or by mail to:

ATTN: Cookbook Committee
PO Box 303
Monhegan ME 04852

Entries should include your name (or authors name if different) and any other pertinent information. While we will try our hardest to include everyone, a submission does not guarantee a spot in the cookbook. If you have any questions feel free to send us an email!

Thank you for helping us create our first cookbook, we look forward to working with you!