MISCA's goal is to add between 6 and 10 houses to the sustainable community housing pool in the next 10 to 15 years. You can help reach our goals in two ways:

❉ We encourage everyone who enjoys Monhegan's beauty and wishes to preserve its community to join MISCA.

  • Full voting membership ($25 a year) is available to individuals who own land on Monhegan or to those visitors who have spent a cumulative total of two years on the Island.

  • Associate membership ($25 a year) is available to anyone concerned about conserving Monhegan and its viability as a year-round community.

  • MISCA invites all full and associate members to attend trustees' meetings, to participate in the July annual meeting, and to contribute their ideas and energy to make  MISCA a success.

❉​ Your tax-deductible donation will help us reach out goal of preserving the unique nature of our Island community.

Donate via the button below or by writing directly to us at:


          PO Box 303

          Monhegan Island, ME 04852


MISCA is a tax deductible 501-c-3 organization. Founded in 2002, we aim to preserve the year-round culture of Monhegan Island by purchasing existing residential property on the Island and making it available to year-round Island residents at below-market prices in perpetuity. 

If you are interested in helping MISCA to preserve the unique nature of Monhegan Island's year-round community, please click the donation button and fill out the form.

Thank you for your support!

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