Name: Nancy Vogt

Business: All Washed Up Laundromat

How long have you lived year round on Monhegan? 5 years in March. I first came to the island to visit my cousin,Rusty.

What made you want to move to the island? I just loved it out here, moving out was meant to be.

What was your first job(s) on the island? During the summer seasons I worked at the Island Inn as a cook, baked at Carina and cleaned houses. In the winter seasons I made crafts for Winter Works. Currently, I am am the ed tech at the school and I read the meters for the power plant. I continue to create crafts for Winter Works.

How long have you operated your business? Matt Schweier originally owned the business but closed it when he moved off the island. I reopened the business in July of 2015 to create a year round laundry facility. I missed having a laundromat available during the off season and so did many of the year round residents. I remember Lisa Brackett telling me the only way to make it on the island was to own your own business. I never thought of myself as an entrepreneur but I don't want to have to work 6 jobs anymore!

What are the advantages this business? I am providing a service to the island, I am giving people options. Also, this is essentially a self running business.

What are the challenges do you face? This is clearly a season driven business and slows down in the winter due to our low year round population, although I still maintain the same hours as I do in the summer , 8am - 6pm, daily.

How do you market your business? Posters around the island and word of mouth.

Where do you see your business in the next year? In the next five years? Currently I have two washers, one dryer and a change machine. This summer I will be adding a new wash and fold service. People will be able to drop off their laundry and pick up later, this added convenience will be a growth opportunity.

What does island sustainability mean to you? I love Monhegan, the community is great and I want to stay but growing our year round population seems to be a slow process. It's neat how the community has worked to get more children in the school and find housing for the families that come here.

How has MISCA supported you? I think MISCA is great. They presented an affordable business opportunity to me and gave me a loan to purchase the business. Eventually I hope to buy my own house through the program. It is important to stress how much I appreciate the opportunity MICSA gave me and how supportive they have been.

"It is important to stress how much I appreciate the opportunity MICSA gave me and how supportive they have been."

~ Nancy Vogt

Owner, All Washed Up